Omnichannel Performance Marketing

Gonnado provides easy to integrate SAAS solutions, to measure and increase the ROI of all marketing channels like online, POS or print.

Achieve a turnover with a factor of 5 - 50x of your advertising budget Starten

Mobile-Marketing Plattform Gonnado

With Gonnado's Self-Service-Plattform you can start complete Retargeting Campaigns within a few minutes. Through Programmatic-Buying at Google und Facebook as well as Conversion-Optimization on- und offline, the advertising costs get minimized per sale.

The registration is free and you receive an initial credit of CHF 100 as a gift!

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Proven Results

Coupon Redemption Rate
Click Conversion Rate
Reach of Internet Users
Retailers use Gonnado

Increase sales

Gonnado's coupons give your customers an extra incentive to buy earlier, spend more and shop more frequently.


Reduce costs

With Gonnado's Conversion Tracking, you can measure the ROI of your marketing efforts to get the most out of your budget.


Retain customers

With Gonnado's lead data, you can retain customers by sending them newsletters, loyalty cards and print mailings.


Save time

Gonnado's products offer the highest quality with ongoing updates and can be integrated easily into all your systems.

Einfache Integration

1. Customer visits your website

By visiting your website the customer gets marked with a cookie, that he can receive ads later on. In addition the likes of your Facebook page and the plays of your youtube-channel get saved. Your target groups get saved in your Google AdWords and Facebook accounts.

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2. Customer sees your ad

After visiting your website the customer will see ads with your coupon on up to 2 Million different websites and apps such as Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. The ads work with your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts and the clicks are personalized for every customer through Programmatic-Buying.

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3. Customer saves the coupon

Through the click on your ad the customer comes back to your website and can send himself the coupon via SMS or e-mail. If the customer hasn't redeemed the coupon, he will receive a reminder via SMS or e-mail 7 days before the expiration date.

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4. Customer redeems the coupon

The customer receives the coupon via SMS or e-mail and can redeem it as a mobile- or print coupon at your cash till or as a code in your online shop. To scan at your cash till you can use the bar code or QR-code. The conversion notification happens through the activation of the coupon by the customer.

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In the news

How retail profits from coupons by Programmatic

Januar 2017,

Coupon-Retargeting should widen Programmatic Media Buying around the offline world and make it possible for stationary trade to understand if and how ads on the web lead to sales. Founded in 2014, Gonnado is on the market with this technological innovation.

Car buyers insist on online-to-offline-measures

Februar 2017, Autoinside

Car buyers inform themselves online about the vehicle they are interested in but demand a test drive before buying. To meet the customer's requirements the Programmatic-Ad-Plattform Gonnado Ads offers Coupon-Remarketing. The tool is already beeing used successfully by 1000 companies.

Searching for a bargain via mobile coupon

Februar 2017, Lebensmittel Zeitung

The online search for bargains in stationary trade is one of the four most common reasons to look at your phone. That the customers find what they are looking for in the store Gonnado, the coupon marketing specialized company in Bern, is here to assist you.

Measure conversion rates for offline purchases with Coupon-Remarketing.

Januar 2017,

Coupon-Remarketing allows stationary trade for the first time to measure the conversion rate from online advertisement for offline purchases. Coupons are very popular. 3 out of 5 retail customers actively search for a reduction in price. At the same time 76 percent inform themselves on the internet about the desired product before buying.

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